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I made a spotify playlist themed around being on the aro spec!

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It's titled as specifically lithromantic.. but! it's mostly a personal playlist, and it's just me projecting-- ANYWAYS!! It has a bunch of aro coded music, and just stuff I feel as I've related to at some point or another in my life. There are some songs I probably should remove cause they don't fit the theme, buuut that's for future me. Anyways, listen to it if you want! 


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10 minutes ago, Isa1116 said:

3 words: I love it. :)


1 minute ago, Keith said:

MARINA AND MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!! So cool!! I also love it!!!!

YES >:D Thank you both. Though I have a "Main" playlist, this is the one I listen to the most :]]]] 

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