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Being aromantic


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Being aromantic may not be easy for some people but it sure is to me. I genuinely would rather be aro than allo.

The point of this post isn't to demonize alloromantic people and their relationships. It's about how I view world as aro.

My friend is in relationship with guy. At one point he said to her that 'maybe our thing is pointless and stupid' and ghosted her for a long time. They are still together. I don't know how. She is planning their future together.

People will be talking about problems in relationship and heartbreak but I'm cool knowing I don't experience that. I can spend my days not worrying about being cheated on because I am single. I don't worry about being single either. I am going to study until 20 and if by then my romantic orientation don't change, I'm cool with it.

Being aromantic is nice, I like it. I may be pressured into relationship and told 'you will have boyfriend one day, you will have children and move together and get married' but I do my best to ignore that. I've seen what marriage can be if it not perfect. It a mess.

I've observed how my friends change when in relationship. One of them changed completely and apparently is embarrassed of me when I happen to walk past him with her. She sometimes tells me not to come to certain hallway at school when they're there. Too bad my lockers there so I have to, sorry. One of my friends dated for year and they broke up. She was not doing well after that, but is now. One of my former friends is dating a player, what they are aware of. Does love really blind people to what the other person has done? I think it's scary.

Anyway that was my thoughts on being aro 

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