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hello :3


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I don't think I've posted here before even though I created an account here almost three years ago so hello!

I'm Wasp, I use she/him pronouns and I'm nebularomantic! Basically the distinction between romantic and platonic attraction is super difficult for me to puzzle out because of my neurodivergency (auDHD and DID). I usually call myself bi or pan. I'm also ace and polyam, plus agender :D Came to the aro identity in late 2019 and after breaking up with a partner who was insecure about me calling myself greyromantic, I ended up just calling myself plain aromantic for a bit. I've learned a lot more about where I sit on the spectrum since then, but I still sometimes prefer to just call myself a bi/pan aroace and leave it at that.

Feel free to message me, I would love more aro friends.

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