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Concerning Platonic Attraction/Friendships, as well as Alterous Attraction.


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Does anyone here have any experience with the Aplatonic spectrum? I’ve realised that perhaps my experiences with friendships and platonic attraction aren’t as the same as most other people’s experiences. But it likely isn’t the same as Aplatonic people’s either. Maybe in between. I’ve been considering gray platonic/gray aplatonic or demiplatonic. Not sure yet. 

I recall seeing someone with demiplatonic In their orientation description, or two someones, maybe. 

Here’s an informative article about Aplatonicism: https://www.aromanticism.org/en/news-feed/aplatonicism-101


About Alterous Attraction: well, I can comprehend what romantic attraction is like, and I may or may not know what platonic attraction is like. I get the differences between them, and understand how they are different and in what ways they are. What I don’t get is what Alterous Attraction isn’t like. I haven’t been able to to find much on it, even less than Aplatonicism, In fact. I don’t understand what exactly Alterous Attraction entails, or what it feels like. How can something be in between romance and platonicity? (If that’s the right word).

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(Sorry it's a bit late but..)

I'm (probably)  not on the aplatonic spec but maybe I can help you with alterous attraction

I've read that alterous attraction feels different for everyone so my experiences might or might not align with yours

For me alterous attraction feels like

1. 'mm I would kinda like to date that person  but I won't be jealous or hurt if they date someone else. Being their romantic partner would be nice, but for some reason being their friend is just as appealing'

and also

I don't feel butterflies when I'm with them

(For me, butterflies are always present when I feel romantic attraction. so if the butterflies aren't there, big sign that the attraction isn't fully romantic) 


2. 'Ummmm I definitely don't want to date them in real life but why am I feeling all these butterflies?? ;o; I think I would be jealous if they started dating someone but me dating this person? Ewww'



I dont know if you read it already, but here's a reddit post I read about alterous attraction


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