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Coming to terms with being aro.

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I have come to terms that I am indeed aromantic. But I want to focus on my journey realizing this, because I want to help people who are figuring out their identities.

It started when I saw a video about being aroace. They were talking about their experience, and when they explained aromanticism a lot of it resonated with me. I started questioning if I fell into that category. After a bit I decided I wasn't. After that I continued on with my life, but that video stuck with me, in the back of my mind.

I decided to look more into aromanticism (As great as the video was they simplified it a lot). I feel like at this point I should have known I was aro at this point, because it fit me incredibly well! But I told myself I just don't know. That's something about being aro that can be tricky, because you can easily tell yourself you just haven't met the right person.

So I kept telling myself "I don't know", when I ask myself about it. Until one day. It was a normal moment, I don't really remember much about it at all. The question crossed my mind again. I thought back to the video. At that moment I realized, that if I told myself that I can't know for sure every time I wondered if I was aro, then I would never know. And that's when I realized I was aromantic.

I probably should have connected the dots earlier, but I don't think I was just confused. It felt like a small part of me didn't want to be aro. Romance is taught to be a basic emotion, but it's not like that for many people. I don't feel something that everyone around me does. So if I said I wouldn't know unless I felt it, than I would feel better about not feeling romantic attraction, and something so big in media wouldn't be absent from my life. But I realized that I can't stay in denial forever.

Being aro is awesome, but it's hard not feeling something everyone else can. Heck, that's why websites like this even exist. So I just want to say that if you are struggling with this, don't worry. You aren't any less valid, and you aren't alone.

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