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Can an aromantic get emotional attached?

Guest Barbara Louis

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Guest Barbara Louis

Hi, I'm aro (not ace)and i thought for a long time I was in love, but recently I started searching if I am emotional attached and not in love. The two concepts are complicated and I'm also not sure of my sexuality. Anyways I'd appreciate if y'all shared your opinions about this topic.

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emotional attached and not in love.

It seems like what you may be feeling is an alternative form of attraction. There are several types of attraction that aren't strictly romantic, sexual, or platonic. There are three common types of alternative attraction.

Aesthetic attraction - An interest or strong appreciation for a particular person’s appearance or beauty. Basically 'That person is so pretty, I want to stare at them or be around them'

Alterous attraction - An interest or desire for emotional closeness without necessarily being platonic and/or romantic. Pretty much inbetween platonic and romantic. Maybe you want to be friends but also kiss or go on dates or do other romantic things. 

Sensual attraction - An interest or desire to touch or be physically close to someone, in a non-sexual way such as hugging or cuddling.  That one's definition pretty much sums it up.

It's all fairly nuanced and can take a lot of personal exploration to understand. There are also a few other forms of attraction. A good website that puts it in simple terms is https://www.aromanticism.org/en/attraction-relationship-terms

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