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I don't know what to do

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So after like a few months of very intense questioning I have realized that gray aro and gray ace describe me pretty well, and I now identify as gray aroace.

I decided to come out to my friends a month or so after that to maybe get some support, and to prepare me for a coming out conversation with my parents.

I have no confidence with words, so I came out to them very recently by text, and linked some helpful articles that explain the aro/ace spec, and gray aromanticism/sexuality. 

I came out to two of my close friends, but one of them is confusing 'identity' with 'personality traits', and has pretty much no interest in learning about it.

I told her to read the articles that I linked in my text messages but I don't know if she will.



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i dont really know how to handle this situation tbh. identity is who you are while personality is something that contributes to your identity to make you an individual of sorts. i recommend you to tell her that. plus sexual orientation is another aspect that contributes to ones identity and is different from personality

if she still doesnt want to accept this difference nor read the article then give her space. dont force this upon her when she clearly has no intention to educate herself

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