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I'm demiromantic and i think i have a crush.

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So I'm pretty sure I'm demi romantic and i might have a crush on my friend. The thing is that they are also aromatic. They did mention platonic dating and how they wouldn't mind that and even said that we should at this point date platonically as we are both annoyed that we are single. Right after they mentioned it though they they dismissed it. I'm not sure if I should ask them out because I'm scared it will ruin our friendship.

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Hmm, as they mentioned the idea of a qpr, maybe you should float the topic as a hypothetical? 



Qprs are a choose your own adventure game, so don't worry about the fact that your friend doesnt like you that way. I view qpr'a as like friends+, or a kind of offical friend, so it technically wouldn't ruin your friendship. Go for it!

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