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Been doing some questioning, can I be both Cupio and Lith?

Guest Ghost

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Guest Ghost

So I've been doing some digging, and I found the two terms of "Cupio" and "Lith" on the aromantic spectrum. I was wanting some feedback, as I never really get to talk about my romantic identity? 
Just for context, I'm also Demiromantic.

i feel like I'm Cupio because I do desire a relationship, I want to grow old with someone and find someone to love and share life with. But whenever I get into a relationship, I end up in a path that makes me feel like I am Lith.

I've dated only about 3 people, but crushed on many more. All three of these people, our relationship ended the same. We/I fell out of love, within only about 2 months (my longest relationship), I didn't see my current partner as a date anymore, just a close friend. I also find myself recoiling or being kinda grossed out when I know someone is crushing on me, mainly when I don't reciprocate those feelings.

with this, do y'all think these two labels fit?

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