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How I found out


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I’ve been waiting to tell someone about this but so far I couldn’t until now. One of the big clues I had to finding out I was aro/ace is that Whenever I had a fictional crush it was just me projecting. Like I used to think I had a crush on the yellow and red rangers from power rangers wild force (the older one with the flying island? I think) but like all scenarios involved me just being a power ranger and left it at that. Also sonic. Like when I first watched sonic x and seeing him being interested in Amy but not in a romantic way and her staying with him… tbh when I saw the reception to Amy at first I thought I had to hate the pair so whenever I sought fluff fanart of them I would have to do it secretly, but now that’s things are all clear now for me I can proudly say that I like this pair because I always wanted validation that a couple could exist with someone like me in it. I mean now it doesn’t seem as clear for me now since I have no interest in relationships whatsoever, but at the time (I was 6 I think) it meant the world because I grew up in Mexico and soap operas was all we watched, and like all the romance felt mismatched to what I saw myself as if that makes sense, but everyone around me expected me to have a love life or even a crush (my moms a big fan of the wonder years so she always romanticized having a childhood sweetheart and encourage me to experiencing a crush because of something entirely different that needs its own post, and back mi then I used to hang around a lot of kids but mostly boys so she liked to meddle a lot).

btw I’m the only girl in my family so haha whoops. 
gosh this is like a long post at that but I wanted to get that off my chest, anyway to whoever gets to read this I hope you have an awesome day/night!!

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