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Different ways of expressing love


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I have recently identified as aromantic in the past two years. I've always sorta known I was aroace and I've faced a lot of folks telling me I was too young etc, etc. However now I'm here. I have my first real friend group and I love them all so much but I can't help but feel left out sometimes. They all have romantic partners and since then it's sorta,, become more difficult to ignore my feelings of discomfort and isolation in my experience. 

I want to be able to express the way I love my friends, however words like "in love" imply romantic connotations and the boundary has been set to not use that. They don't want to hurt me ! But there's a clear lack of understanding about how there aren't many words to express a deep sense of love and commitment I have for my friends. To "love" someone doesn't feel as meaningful or powerful as saying 'in love's. Maybe it's just a small thing but it really would be nice to have other ways of expressing that sentiment. To me the greatest sense of love I'll have is friendship and I wish there were ways to express this in a similar sense? I was wondering if perhaps anyone has any suggestions!


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