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What does romantic love even feel like?


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 I feel so confused with myself, I mean I think I know what romantic love’s felt like before but I really don’t know.. Part of the reason for my confusion is because I’ve seen people get so incredibly sad over breakups, but personally, I’ve never felt like that before.. A breakup has never really had much effect on me. So then that makes me wonder, did I ever even love that person in the first place? Because each time I think I do, I’m really convinced.. But then I’m not sad when I’m broken up with… And then, whenever I’m the one to break things off, everything seems to be going great and then after a few months or weeks or so, I just get bored of them I guess??? Whatever the feeling is, I just stop feeling it and I realize that I’m no longer happy with dating the person anymore, so I decide to break things off. Another thing that confuses me is that I find the concept of dating someone longer than a year or the concept of getting married to be absolutely unfathomable (unless it might be a queerplatonic relationship? that might be nice..). I just can’t wrap my head around either of them… How could anyone stay with one person for so long without becoming dissatisfied?

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