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Does this sound like romantic attraction?

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Guest ??????? ????

i'm not really sure what romantic attraction IS, i am kinda've sure i've felt it though (2 times, maybe 3), but just being sure what is y'alls opinions?

the strongest i've felt this attraction was around this kid named aiden. everytime i was around him i'd get an adrenaline rush, and start shaking. and the first time we were alone together, also really close together but that's a different time, i got swarming butterflies in my stomach. the time we were really close together we were playing a game on aiden's xbox, and what i specifically remember is when he handed me the controller then brushed my hand slightly and i got so fucking nervous i started feeling my heart beating and then UNCONTROLLABLELY my hand tried to grab his, I DIDN'T MEAN TO I REALLY DIDN'T??? also noticed, i never could stop looking at aiden, i'd just freeze, zone out sometimes looking into his eyes, or just at him in general, and aiden was absolutely adorable atleast for me. really i'd never thought i'd had a type till i met aiden, when i met aiden i realized my type is aiden. 

also personality wise, i'd listen to EVERY detail. he'd never talked about himself much, but i remember his favorite game is call of duty black ops cold war, he was 13 at the time, he has a terrible astigmatism and he's favorite sport is soccer he plays it at school, and his favorite show is stranger things. also this was years ago but i still think about him, ALOT. we only knew each other for a few days honestly but it still makes me sad we can't see each other anymore. aiden lives up the street from me, but after i implied i'm trans to aiden, his parents spontaneously didn't want me around anymore. sorry i'm rambling. 

thank you for reading, i'd love to hear everyone's take!<<3 



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