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“you know it when you feel it”

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I started college a few months ago and there’s a person in my friend group who’s making me feel… something. I don’t necessarily think it’s romantic attraction but it doesn’t really feel like squishes I’ve had in the past (though it doesn’t feel entirely different either). There’s also some degree of sexual attraction but it’s nothing I’m considering pursuing. They’re just a really cool person and I like spending time with them. I don’t know if I’m feeling platonic, romantic, or another type of attraction for them and I’m just pretty confused right now. I’ve identified as aromantic for several months/almost a year(possibly longer?).  Basically, this is my question: is the whole “you’ll know you’re feeling romantic attraction when you feel it” thing people say true? or could I be feeling it for my friend and just be over thinking it?

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I know nothing about romance, so take this with a grain of salt. when I have aesthetic attraction to someone, or just think they are really cool. To be sure, I will look up on Google how to know if you like someone, or something like that. Then I will think about them a lot and compare my feelings about them with other things, for example recently it was a favorite song played in public. Hope this this helps.

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