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RN in Vancouver

Guest June


Guest June

Hey there! I'm a 23 year old oncology RN living near Vancouver still in my parent's house. I recently got a good job offer (circa 7300$ per month pre tax, mostly working nightshifts) at a hospital and so I wouldn't have to travel too long to get to work, I planned on moving to Vancouver. Not only for the job but also because I'm very interested in the city as well.

The only thing is, I'm unsure about rent/living expenses. I planned on having a roommate (Good friend who I've known for 8+ years and who I can trust, earns around 5800$ per month pre tax) so we could have a bit of a fancier apartment, though I'm not sure if I'd be able to live comfortably. In my parent's house I used to pay 1800$ as "rent" because I wanted to, so I'm used to having some monthly expenses. I'm totally fine with not living in downtown but would still like to be somewhat near the center, would I be able to afford living there without money worries while still being able to save some money? I don't eat out much and usually cool all meals and make work lunches myself, I do my own laundry and don't go shopping very often, I do have a cat I like to spoil though.

Sorry for the extra long question, I'm just very torn and a bit inexperienced concerning city life!

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