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Gender expression as a cis female (bad title, but I tried)

Guest Guesty McGuestFace


Guest Guesty McGuestFace

So I am a cis female (or maybe genderfluid, but I don't feel that has much relevance because it isn't what prompted this)

The majority of the time I give no thought to my appearence or how others see me in terms of gender.

However, sometimes, I will notice I look female/male/adrogynous and feel really happy about it. Sometimes I will even switch my outfits so that I look more that way.

Part of that happiness also comes from the fact that I feel that other people will look at me and think I am a girl/boy/be unable to tell. That thought generally happens after I notice the effect of my clothing.

Would you say that it is okay for me to dress like a boy (or adrogynous, maybe) with the goal in mind as being seen as one, even if I am a girl?

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