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August 2020 Carnival of Aros Call for Submissions: "Open Questions for Aromantic Research"

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The call for submissions for the August 2020 Carnival of Aros is up! Due to the delayed posting this month, shorter or more informal posts are especially welcomed!

View the full Call for Submissions here: https://carnivalofaros.wordpress.com/2020/08/18/august-2020-call-for-submissions-open-questions-for-aromantic-research/



The theme for this month’s call for submissions is “Open Questions for Aromantic Research” – what questions do you have about aromantic experiences – or perceptions of aros by others –  that could perhaps be answered by future aro community or academic research on aromanticism?

This topic was inspired by a recent conversation I had with a potential volunteer for the asexual research bibliography, who was asking if we had any recommendations for research they could include in a similarly-inspired aro bibliography….and I was stumped. There’s almost nothing out there in formal research about aromanticism beyond a vague mention that it exists, especially when it comes to non-asexual aromantic experiences. The closest I could find was this recently released paper comparing aromantic and romantic asexuals, which broke new ground in aro research by…at least dedicating half of a sentence to acknowledging that allosexual aros probably also exist?

On the community research side, there have at least been a few community research attempts, although such efforts are relatively new and small scale so far.

That means that the field of aromantic research remains wide open, and as the organization of aro communities continues to grow, I expect interest in further aro research may eventually grow as well. In anticipation of that interest, I wanted to invite people to brainstorm what topics they would (or wouldn’t) be interested in seeing from any future aromantic research:

  • Are there any open questions about aromantic experiences that you would be interested in seeing further explored in future aro research?
  • Are there any specific sub-categories of aromantic experiences you’d like to see attention given to?
  • How do you feel about the idea of aromanticism attracting more attention from academics?
  • Are there any sensitive topics that you would prefer researchers avoid?
  • Is there any advice you’d like to make known to any potential future aromanticism researchers about things to remember, or things to not to do?
  • Are there questions you have about how non-aro people think of aromanticism that you’d like to ask?
  • For any potential future aromantic researchers out there, are there any particular items that you would want to study yourself?

Entries for this Carnival of Aros are due by end of day on August 31st. To submit your entry, you can either leave a comment on the call for submissions post or you can send it via email to sennkestra@gmail.com.

If you don’t have a blog of your own, you can also just email us the copy and we are happy to host it here as a guest post.


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