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Hello? :')


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Hi there,
I'm a trans/queer/agender person, they/them pronouns and very bad at intros lol. Also english is not my first language, sorry for the grammatical errors and such.
I guess I'll dive right in saying that I'm definitely on the ace spectrum, leaning towards demisexual. I've had what I would call committed relationships in the past, mono and non-mono and recently I've been questioning myself whether or not I'm might also be on the aro spectrum, since my actual disinterest in pursuing romantic relationships and in dating in general.
Since I don't know much aromantic people, I thought that joining this forum would be a good idea to explore more the spectrum and maybe being able to exchange with other people that feel like I do.
So yeah, here I am! See (read?) you all in other subjects in the forum :)

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I only just joined this website bc i thought only AVEN existed but i am so glad to have been guided to an aromantic forum, since i haven't seen many people talking about these topics!

I identify as aroflux as well as aceflux becasue, while i usually am quite neutral or even negative, I do have periods of time where i'm more favorable to romantic or sexual actions.


I've never had any "committed" relationships as you put it, because the mere thought of having a romantic relationship is kind of repulsive to me, it makes me uncomfortable and i don't like it, and i priorize platonic relationships way more over romantic ones.

Would you like to comment on your growing disinterest for romantic relationships? 

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new here.

For the longest time I've always wondered why everyone else could just go around kissing and hugging, leaving me in the dark.

I mean, I know what love is... sorta, seems to be hella complex... but it's just not my thing. For me it's the "why" factor.

I sometimes get into arguments about sex with people, mainly me trying to convince them that if it's out of your head you feel a ton better, can focus better, etc.

Basically makes me feel clean.

They argue that that's impossible, blah la,

Somehow I've come to the conclusion it's time to find others like me.

I seem to be a bit of everything lol

I'm asexual I guess

and aromantic

and sometimes I feel like I'm more female than male, which REALLY creeps me out.

the asexual part is actually hereditary, everyone on my Mother's side is like that, to some extent my Father's as well.

For me it's always been a blessing, I have choices, and my head is not clouded with sex and love and relationships, letting me do whatever I want, mostly tinkering with linux and python. And playing The Witcher 3.


So yeah, that's me.

sorry if I seem cold AF, but I like it

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