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Sexual attraction from an aromantic perspective question, be it allosexual or grey-aces?


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I apologise if this is in the wrong area of the forum, I wasn't 100% sure where to post this.


I want to hear from aromantic allosexuals or aromantic grey-aces. Basically, how do you describe your sexual attraction, and are there any aspects like position or passionate kissing or anything else that perhaps venture into the romantic side that you struggle with in anyway, for example the "missionary position" could be classed as more romantic (or romantically suffocating I'd say)? I'm thinking that I might actually be aromantic grey-ace instead of asexual and sometimes hearing other people's stories can help pinpoint my own. I'd say for me it's definitely on the rare/vague side, but it'll be nice to hear from both allosexuals and grey-aces on here (who are aromantic). Most people I've spoken to are both alloromantic and allosexual which often doesn't help matters, but I'm now wondering whether the things I've struggled with in the past were related to my aromantism and not my asexuality (like the face to face "passion" in most romantic-sexual encounters for example). It is still rare though (I can only think of one celebrity who I find "hot", and a couple of in person encounters that to be honest I find it very hard to describe (esp as at the time I didn't know there was anything "A" at all possible!). Most people I come across I look at aesthetically like a piece of art work or a beautiful rose or their "coolness", that I know for certain. Anyway, I hoped other people's stories might shed some further light onto this. Thanks in advance!

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