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how does it feel to be in queer platonic relation? (and what is the definition of this relationship?)

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Here's a post with a lot of links and information on "queerplatonic" and where it came from. It's basically an umbrella term for relationships that are neither completely "romantic" nor "just friends" -- so that can mean a friendship that is also a primary partnership, a relationship that's only ambiguously romantic, or anything else you want to use it for.


As for what it feels like, it's different for different people, but here are some examples: Sciatrix has written about her queerplatonic triad here and here, and Kaz wrote about eir "not!girlfiend" here, in the post where the term originated from (although Kaz wasn't the first to use it -- that was actually Meloukhia, in the comments). Meloukhia also wrote about their own queerplatonic partners some here, too. What all of them have in common is some kind of close, involved friendship or relationship that isn't exactly romantic, in one way or another breaking the "rules" (or social norms) of what friendships are supposed to involve.

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