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June Carnival of Aros: "Imagine"

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The new call for submissions for the June edition of the carnival of aros is up, on the theme of "Imagine"! You can view the full call for submissions here.


From the host:


The theme I chose for this month is “Imagine”. I went with this because we all know how frustrating the present is, and we spend a lot of timing criticizing and venting about it, so I thought we could use some time to imagine a better, happier world. A world without amatonormativity, where we aros can feel comfortable.

So some prompts I have for this are:
–If you want to be personal, what do you imagine your ideal life looking like? Who are you living with, if anyone? What do your friendships look like? How are you involved in your community(ies)?
–If you want to speak broadly, what’s something that doesn’t currently exist but that you need/want, and/or that you think would help other people?
–What assumptions and norms would disappear? How would that affect people’s interactions with each other?
–Instead of the pressure to enter monogamous marriages, how would society make other possibilities viable?
–How would the laws be different?
–How would entertainment media (and fandoms) be different?
–How would schools be different?
–How would growing up be different?
–How would lgbtq+ solidarity be different?
–Talk about any other aspect of life that could change without amatonormativity

You can build on an idea that’s already been discussed, or this could be your chance to put out a new idea you haven’t talked about before. Whatever the thought is, big or small, simple or complicated, concrete or general, personal or wide-reaching, (even realistic or speculative!), if it’s a vision of how life or the world could be, share it! I think we could all use some time to indulge in picturing a less stressful environment.


For more information, and instructions on how to post, see the original post.


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