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On 11/10/2022 at 5:58 AM, Storm_leopardcat said:

I mean the drink that is considered tea in Britain. Basically just boiled water with tea leaves and maybe some sugar, if I recall correctly?
And by other teas I mean stuff like Earl Grey, Oolong, White tea, etc.

All types of tea (black, Oolong, green, white, yellow, Pu-Erh) are drunk in China, and they're traditionally prepared according to the Chinese Gong Fu method (in the West, tea is a commodity. But in China and Japan it has the prestige and cultural importance that wine has in Europe).

This method is much more involved than the Western method, but for black tea it's basically still simply "tea leaves + boiled water" (for other teas lower temperatures are used).

Gongfu uses short brewing time, much more leaves and multiple infusions.

Yet even if prepared according to the Western method, a Chinese black tea will taste quite different compared to Indian black tea (Darjeeling, Assam or Ceylon).

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