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  1. English is my first language, fluent in French and learning Spanish and German.
  2. I swear quite often. Not around children, not at people (unless it's with my friends, that's just us) and usually swear words don't just slip, I can control what I say. I don't think swearing is inherently rude or disrespectful, you just don't need to be disrespectful with it.
  3. I'm agender and aro. My gender hasn't affected my romantic or sexual orientation so much as it affected what I call it. I'm attracted to women but "lesbian" doesn't feel right because I don't identify as a woman, so I used to say "gay" but people would question it because I, again, don't identify as a woman. So I settled on nblw, less people know about it but it sums me up. As for my aromanticism, not at all. Label doesn't change and feelings don't change.
  4. Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals! Just a little introduction, My name is Skylar. I use the pronouns they/them/their (I identify as agender). I am aromantic and am attracted to women. I love poetry, reading and long deep discussions. If you want to get my attention mention Shakespeare or Sophocles, you'll have me for hours. I love social justice and, I suppose stereotypical, I love tumblr.
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