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  1. I'm not going to say that I have family problems since I'm not sure if my family behavior is normal to other family so, I am the third and last child...I have an older brother and an older sister. My older sister is somewhat protective and CARE about her little brother and sister...but, well... as i grow up, I still never understand what is wrong with her...she would one day suddenly become stupidly annoying and stupidly ANNOYED...it doesn't matter if she is on the period or something...it would happens on really random time...it was like she's acting normal like how she use to be and then a few hour after that...she became damnn mad for stupid reason. I just got hit on my shoulder and got slap on my face while being scold for absolute nothing...she act as if I have done a grave sin.It was stupid...that fight happen in the kitchen while my parents watching tv in the living room...they heard sister's voice since it SO LOUD...and all my parents says is 'don't fight'....they don't even know that i got slap...I leave the kitchen after that feeling mad and stupid for not be able to fight back...I got in my room and suddenly burst into tear and it's hurt...it's hurt so much when you can't even express to anyone...I cried and didn't leave my room the next day and my mom knock my room like how she would do as to tell me that the food is ready...we don't really eat at the same time or sat on the same table... And that the story about the latest thing I experiencing in this family. There are many more about in past but I always tried to forget about it cause remembering it only makes me hurt even more. By the way, I'm 13 and my older sister is 19(but don't act like one...she doesn't even use her brain when talking ti me) Tired of it So...should I just study and get the hell out of this house? I'm goes to boarding school btw...but cause of the pandemic I'm currently staying at home. Im kinda tired of living other than about my family without reason or basically i just don't know why.
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