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  1. Hey! I am new on here. I'm very sure I fall on the asexual spectrum, but the romantic spectrum has always been confusing for me. This is going to go a bit into detail about my romantic experiences, sorry if it's TMI. I know that I am sometimes romance-repulsed: that was why I broke up with my first and last (HAH) boyfriend (I realized I didn't experience romantic attraction with him). But I remember being about 12 years old and having a crush on a boy...at least I think I did? I always loved the idea of romance and soulmates as a child, could my 'crush' have been a reflection of such ideals? Were my emotions ever real, or did I convince myself that I liked him? I was quite naïve, after all. Anyway, if anyone has experience with a similar situation, I'd be glad to hear about it. Or if you just want to provide your opinion, go ahead. I really don't mind. Thanks!!
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