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  1. @ErederynIt's a sci fi about superhuman kids belonging to a school filled with rigid social hierarchies and class systems. It's a dual perspective following a lower class girl who turns school life upside down when she begins publishing journals documenting another students experience at the school, among other things, while trying not to get caught. And a high class boy who tries to climb the social ladder through the chaos and rebellion while maintaining order and vying to keep his position. It's messy. Theirs no heroes and villains really just people who do sort of bad thing and people who do really bad things. Theirs next to nothing in romance cause I can't write it. @Nessa Yeah I will. Not particularly soon, but I will try to get it edited and published. And, of course, I'd love to talk about it.
  2. In "the four of them" one on webtoon one of the main characters is heavily implied aroace.
  3. Hi, I'm aroace. I first came across the terms aromanticism and asexuality after looking into pansexuality when my friend came out to me. Honestly thought I was bi at first. I joined on AVEN first because, being raised in a somewhat homophobic and sexist Christian family, coming to terms with being aro was much harder for me. But I'm aro. And I like the sense of freedom, like a weight off my chest. Anyway, I'm a book worm. Also a writer who keeps changing the plot of my book. And I'm a developmental editor. I'm still I high schooler, but I'm strongly leaning towards English major in college, preferably in a school with an open curriculum. I came here to get more in touch with the aro side of sexuality. Also community and I like reading the comments.
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