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  1. Hello! I go by Cinnamon and it’s nice to meet all of you. I found arocalypse through constantly lurking on r/aromantic. I’ve been questioning being aroace for a long time, but since I’m in my mid teens I’m not too sure about if I’m a late bloomer or now or to identify with it irl. When I was little, romance was always the thing that happened in movies and romance was just a thing expected of adults. I never had crushes and never even thought enough about them to think I was out of the ordinary until I was 12 and got told I was lying because I had never had a crush. That night I remember thinki
  2. Hello, this is my first post here so I apologize if there’s anything strange. Getting straight to the point, I was once watching a movie with some people I knew. One person was going on about how much she loved one of the characters (romantically) and I was just kind of ignoring it like I always do with these kinds of things. However, she later mentioned that she had a friend that looked exactly like the woman she had been going on about earlier but that her friend was straight. That was when someone else responded with word for word “She doesn’t realize what nature made her lose.” I don’
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