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  1. ive had plenty of crushes during elementary school, and i dont understand it either ;-; thank u for mentioning that it might be just a common thing, but its not just not having a crush on someone, its wanting to have a crush on someone and not being able to :,)) thank u for helping, its all very appreciated im neither stressed or isolated or lonely. i have my waifus, my husbandos and anime so im just fine mentally (most of the time). hopefully its temporary tho cuz u wanna sIMP but i cANT thank u for your help, its always very appreciated ^^
  2. Hey, so, a few months ago, i was able to feel romantic attraction normally, towards my waifus and husbandos, and could feel romance generally, but i suddenly lost all of it. It just left, i dont know how and why, but from that moment on i havent been able to feel romance or attraction in any way shape or form. And the thing is that im romance repulsed aswell! And the worst is that i really want to feel romantic attraction, but i cant. It sucks bpnot being able to simp romantically for someone when u really want to. This sounds very weird, and yes, it is. I hate romance and cant feel it, yet at the same time i want to. What is this supposed to mean? Ive had romantic crushes my whole life, why did it stop all of a sudden? I asked my sister, which knows a whole lot of gender-sexuality related stuff to a scientific level, she told me it might be an emotional reaction, but to what? "U may have forced yourself too much into it" but no one ever made me think that i need to have a crush or something, it always had happened on its own. I seriously have no idea what this is, if anyone has experienced something like this before, please share it and tell me what it means 💔
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