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  1. ive had plenty of crushes during elementary school, and i dont understand it either ;-; thank u for mentioning that it might be just a common thing, but its not just not having a crush on someone, its wanting to have a crush on someone and not being able to :,)) thank u for helping, its all very appreciated im neither stressed or isolated or lonely. i have my waifus, my husbandos and anime so im just fine mentally (most of the time). hopefully its temporary tho cuz u wanna sIMP but i cANT thank u for your help, its always very appreciated ^^
  2. Hey, so, a few months ago, i was able to feel romantic attraction normally, towards my waifus and husbandos, and could feel romance generally, but i suddenly lost all of it. It just left, i dont know how and why, but from that moment on i havent been able to feel romance or attraction in any way shape or form. And the thing is that im romance repulsed aswell! And the worst is that i really want to feel romantic attraction, but i cant. It sucks bpnot being able to simp romantically for someone when u really want to. This sounds very weird, and yes, it is. I hate romance and cant feel it, y
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