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  1. Thank you all! Right? I mean, it doesn't help that I'm staying home and not going out where I could meet people right now... but that means I'm about as social as usual.
  2. Hello! I'm feather. I'm still trying to figure myself out. I tend to use "bi-grey-aroace" to describe my orientation. All of my attraction seems to just be aesthetic. I've had crushes, but always from afar -- boys I never talked to growing up, fictional characters. The one time I was in a relationship, I mostly enjoyed the novelty of it. For a long time I craved a relationship... but then I got help for my anxiety and depression, and those cravings generally went away. I think I just thought a romantic relationship would fill the hole mental illness had dug in me. Once I was healing, I stopped needing that, and now I just... don't care? I like being single. I like the strong, completely platonic relationship/partnership I have with my BFF (who is aroace). I like my life! I figure, if I don't have a desire for a romantic (or sexual) relationship, and I've never met anyone that honestly makes me want a romantic relationship with them, that puts me at least on the arospec. I use the grey modifier because I don't like absolutes -- I don't know but what I'll meet someone tomorrow who turns all of that upside down. I highly doubt it, though. I fully expect to spend my life hanging out with my BFF and admiring fictional characters. So that's me!
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