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  1. Hi, I think of myself as aroace but even so I have doubted my sexuality for years (what if I’m to young to decide, what if I just haven’t met the right person yet). I recently had a dream where I was talking to a boy (not someone I know in real life) like a friend after a concert thing (it was at my house and fields for some reason [i was under his arm kinda hug as we were walking cos he was like 5’11 and I’m 4’10]) when he slowly pulled me to the corner of the garden and calmly backed me up into a wall, I didn’t look up at his face but he looked like he was gonna confess to me and kiss me. All the way up to this point I was acting innocent like I didn’t know where this was going (my thoughts were like oh, is he gonna confess, this’ll be awkward). Just before he could say he liked me and kiss me my friends came to say hi and said we needed to get going (I don’t know where but the thing is earlier in the dream I said I had a hospital appointment to go to so I couldn’t hang with him for some reason). At this point it’s a bit of a blur but i remember he looked surprised and sad and a bit hurt before got into my house with my friends help (my legs don’t work well when I get emotional) and I was really upset. In my dream I was thinking what if I hurt his feelings cos I didn’t tell him where I was going really and ‘I don’t care about the kiss I’m aroace remember?’ so I’m not so sure I’m aroace. before he almost kissed me I wasn’t uncomfortable per se but I wasn’t like ooh I want to kiss him... also if I was into anyone he would be the type, like he was really pretty at no point did I have a sexual thought by the way.
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