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  1. Oh God yes please. As Non SAM ace I die a little inside whenever people imply on its own ace=alloromantic. It kills me. An aside isn’t it “Fun” how Aroaces/non Sam aro/aces feel so unwanted and reviled in what’s supposed to be our “community/ies”. Also instead of saying aros,aces and Aroaces, which isn’t inclusive of non Sam aros/aces it reads as ace=alloromantic, Aro=allosexual and the adulterated, fakes Aro/aces get regulated to the Aroace identity ghetto. I much prefer saying either Aro/ace which’s short and sweet or when we’re getting into diversity of identities Aro,Ace,Allo Aro, Allo Ace and Aroace. That way nobody gets left out it’s inclusive.
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