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  1. I'm late but thanks for all from responses but this is still very confusing. I might be only one who do not see impossible that person can feel squishes and romantic crushes, be aromantic and alloromantic at the same time. To me squish means a ''crush'' which just isn't romantic and it of course it's not the same as romantic crush. They are clearly different feelings. I know that people question all of this and overall do schromantics even exist (which actually feel quite bad and disempowering) but no can do. I might said that earlier but I don't experience some kind of mix of those two. My attractions are either romantic or squish and I know the difference between them as a feelings.
  2. Just to be clear I got the picture that schromantic/schroromantic means that you are able to feel both alloromantic and aromantic crushes. What I've undestood that aromantics still have crushes that just aren't romantic but still crushes and they may not be completely platonic but some kind of strong feeling of friendship and desire to be close to someone. I don't know if every aros have feelings like that. My aromantic crushes have also been asexual and my alloromantic crushes have always been allosexual. So there's really difference between them but I admit that the term is confusing, it says: And I'm not mix of the two, I just simply feel both of those separately. I don't feel aromantic and alloromantic feelings at the same time towards someone. It's either alloromantic or aromantic crush and I know some people may have difficulties to believe that. It makes no sense to me either but it is what it is.
  3. Maybe it's that being able to feel non-romantic and romantic feelings at the same time makes no sense or something. I guess that being schroromantic is really rare but who knows. Now I'm just happy that there's an explanation. What did the book said? Would be interesting to hear.
  4. Hi, I didn't find any posts about schroromantics so I decided to start one. It's only a couple of days when I realized I'm a schroromantic. For me it's an important part of my identity now because I have a correct term to describe it for others. I'm 26-years-old. Overall I feel romantic or aromantic feelings quite rarely. For now I counted six romantic and four aromantic crushes/love in total. I never thought that am also aromantic so it's been a little confusing. I'm also allosexual and polyamorous. Romantic attraction is a powerful feeling when I think the other like almost every moment at first but then it will calm down when the time passes but when I got aromantic crush it usually lasts changeless for a really long time like 5-10 years. Moreover if I haven't seen this person in many years I still got the feelings towards them! *sigh* And if the person who I've crushed likes me back my affection might last unchanged for the rest of our lives I guess. More schroromantics here?
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