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  1. On 2017-06-10 at 10:52 AM, QuirkyGeek said:

    Oblectoplatonic-Someone who experiences platonic attraction to anyone who the person thinks is entertaining to be around. (Oblecto is latin meaning to amuse, delight, entertain, divert, attract, & please.)

    I will use this term from now on thank you xD

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  2. Mine would be somewhere between Cowboy Bebop (classic) and Serial Experiment Lain (this thing will mess you up though...). I'd say the End of Neon Genesis Evangelion holds a special place in my heart too!

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  3. 7 hours ago, SoulWolf said:

    So are parents actually telling their kids to shave or what?

    I tried to shave before my mother told me about it. I kinda did for fun when I was like 10 or something, also because I thought I was more hairy then other children. When she knew about it she simply convinced me to wait a couple of years before shaving and told me how to do it safelly if I really wanted to do it. But now I barely shave and she couldn't care less. (my mom doesn't like the social construct of feminity either)

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  4. 2 hours ago, SoulWolf said:

    I think I'm hairier than the average female person too, so for me to keep up with the insanity of being hairless, I'd have to have expensive laser treatments (considered it once, but didn't do), or shave obsessively and deal with the itch. Screw that.

    Same! But I always wear jeans and long sleeves so I don't have to mind it. 


    However, if I want to wear a dress, I will shave my legs and arm pit for the only reason that I don't like it esthetically speaking. The humain hair (except for facial hair when it's dense enough) is just really not appealing to me, especially when you compare it to other hairy animals that are super soft and fluffy! (I swear I'm not a furry!)


    Now, when people argue that it's a feminine thing to shave your hair... I tell them to f*ck off. It's none of your business what someone does or not with their body. Aslo, there are plenty of other ways to be feminine. Also, I always wonder if women of the antiquity were shaving... I mean, I know the egyptians did (and men were shaving a lot too), but what about THE REST OF THE WORLD?

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  5. I feel like romance is not much about what you do, but more like a state of the mind in which romantic people kinda isolate themselves from the rest of the world to concentrate only on the subject of their love (or obsession). The "romantic thing or situation" in itself does not seem appealing to them unless the loved one is with them, it's meaningless unless they are with that "special" person. At least that's what I think I understand from what my friends told me...

    Also, none of them was able to rationalize how and why they fall in love, which is oddly disturbing to me since I have zero appeal to anything that can't be rationally explained.


    I have nothing against the holding hands, dating, kissing, etc. but I personally don't see the point so I avoid such things. If someone is confortable with it and actually enjoys it, it don't see why they should stop themself! (as long as the other person involved is also confortable) 


    2 hours ago, SoulWolf said:

    I have to be absolutely sure that someone is with me for the right reasons, and that they're not after me just because they find something about me physically attractive (this really pisses me off), or that they're in love with some idea about me that might not even be true, or some or other thing that isn't THE REAL ME. And, the "real me" is really hard to get to know, so... that doesn't really help I suppose.

    I have the same issue, since romantic attraction seems to be unexplainable, I always have the feeling that those who crush on me don't fully appreciate the person that is "me". As if they were blinded by their pink glasses. 

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  6. Groups of 4 or 5 are perfect for me. When it's less, for some reasons, I always end up being the one who has to entertain the other(s) if I don't want it to get awkward or boring af. When it's more, there is just too much sounds and different conversations and my concentration just doesn't keep up.

    One on one is okay for more serious talks... but I don't like being serious for too long, it gets depressing really fast.

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  7. I confess for all the times I have lied about not having a cellphone, being too busy to "talk", having a broken facecam, being "sooo busy" during the weakends, not liking going to [insert potential dating place that is actually interesting if not a date], and many more excuses... ( I don't feel sorry at all)


    I confess pretending to take any declaration of love as if it was a joke to avoidhaving to give a proper answer.


    I also confess voluntarily ignoring my friends when they are with their romantic partner just to avoid the general awkwardness.

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  8. 2 hours ago, Untamed Heart said:

    Something I don't understand - why other girls are sometimes slightly annoyed when you don't like their (new) boyfriend. You'd think they'd be pleased! I remember one of my friends texting me about her new boyfriend, Jimbo, showed me a photo and asked what I thought of him. I just said, if you like him that's really what matters, isn't it?

    unfortunately, I don't think romance is the cause here, but rather the need of a friends approval. If you disapprove, this means that her choice might not be as good as she thought. As weird as this might seem, to some humans the thought of making a bad choice or to be considered as having bad taste is unbearable.


    Also, yeah Jimbo from the simpsons would have been awesome!

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  9. Moving out of my mother's house, spending less time with people I don't actually enjoy being with, be more prepared for my college exams... I know there are more but I can't remember...

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  10. Huge squish right now on a close friend who is also a pianist (and he has a crush on me which low key scares me). The squish(/crush) began on both sides when we discovered that we were the only two INTJ's in all of our friend groups (since then we barely need to explain ourselves, we get each other like we were in the same head). I do intend to talk to him about the possibility of a QPR if the opportunity presents itself. Also, I do feel  aesthetic attraction towards him, he's classy af!

  11. 1 hour ago, Tumblrweed said:

    My older sister went through a yearbook with me, trying to figure out my type, and all I could say was that a few people were "cute" because I couldn't tell her none of them

    I can relate... my mother was ALWAYS asking me: "so, which guy is the most interesting? oh, come on, there HAS to be ONE! Or would it be a girl? You can tell me if it's a girl, I won't judge you! Stop pretending to be above everything, it's okay to be attracted to someone!" etc...

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