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  1. I'd like to add in the "might cause" list: antisocial personality disorder, particularly psychopathy
  2. TW: something? maybe internalized acephobia? TW depression and other mental illnesses. I was just wondering this because I have horrible attachment issues with people (including in familial and platonic relationships), an avoidant personality, as well as depression and social anxiety, and was wondering if these or something else could be creating my aromanticism? Note: I know this might be a touchy subject because a lot of aros, including myself, feel or felt "broken" at some point, and this could potentially throw their security in their romantic orientation into jeopardy, so PLEASE know that I believe one's romantic/sexual orientation is valid no matter what, even if it is caused by some outside force. Please know that I am NOT saying that aros are not "real" or anything, or that if you are depressed/anxious that you are not aro, or that if your aromanticism is caused by something that happened in your life/your mental health then it is not valid. Your identity is valid no matter what!
  3. Idk; hugging is not uncomfortable for me but I don't find it to be necessary in my platonic relationships, you know? Maybe I'm just awkward when initiating hugs so I just...don't? I really don't know, but my friends know me as the kid who doesn't like hugging people. Kissing is nice in theory but seems gross/uncomfortable in reality. I like the idea of cuddling, but idk how I'd feel about doing so in real life.
  4. Title says all. I know I'm some sort of aromantic, but I think I'm kissing-averse. I think (THINK) I'm allosexual though. Is it possible to be allosexual and kissing-averse? Does that mean kissing is a romantic thing? And finally, uh, if I ever have sex, should I simply tolerate the kissing part to get to the other stuff??
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