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  1. Hi! I actually feel this post very much and have refused to label myself publically as aro/ace because I am sadly hoping one day it’ll randomly hit me in the face and I’ll feel these amazing “butterflies and fireworks” people talk about i wish I could give advice but I struggle with this a lot too, but you are definitely not alone for me I keep myself occupied with relatively intimiate friendships, maybe similar to QPRs in general the idea of a QPR gives me some amount of hope i also just try to keep in mind I’m young and have a lot of personal growing to do and schooling to do and keeping in mind if romance is for me it’ll show up and if it’s not it won’t and that’s that To the people I have mentioned my feelings to I say greyromantic because it seems pretty vague... “rarely having feelings” lets me feel like there’s still a chance of it happening I’m sure this wasn’t too much help but hopefully you at least feel less alone
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