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  1. Yeah, I am in complete agreement with OP? The friendship is the part that endures - like sexual attraction almost never really persists forever, but why does that mean the relationship is falling apart? Why can't the friendship still stay even if the sexual component needs to stop for some reason? And I mean that's the way I see it. And I HAD a FWB that I thought was able to see it that way. And then romo brain drugs hit and suddenly, I mean the sex stopped and that had been previously discussed, but the rest of the friendship just...suddenly all the things we both thought mattered in the friendship didn't matter to them. And that just...it's really sucked. Because as soon as there was a romo relationship in the picture, nothing else mattered. And they both kept making me feel like I was overreacting and that I couldn't expect my friends to be as close now that they're in a relationship. And just. The whole situation is absolute shit. It was something that felt like it was going so well and the friendship felt so solid and then it just...suddenly nothing mattered.
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