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A bit confused, but glad to be here :)

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Maybe someone has already seen me on the AVEN forum, where I signed up a couple days ago. I'm a 17-year old girl who identifies as asexual. I'm not sure if I'm aromantic or not. But probably yes, because I had my last crush in primary school (then it turned out how horrible I am at being someone's girlfriend), kissing seems gross, I have squishes, for me finding a real friend is more important than finding 'my better half', I don't like romantic books or movies + several more reasons. But I would like to have a boyfriend and maybe even a husband (especially asexual would be perfect :3). Not now, not tomorrow, not in next 3 years, but someday - yes. It would be quite an extraordinary relationship, though.

Okay, but I'm more than just a label, right? :D I'm a book lover, I read mostly YA and fantasy, I like learning languages (right now English and Spanish, I'm going to start French this summer), I love everything that' sweet, I have 2 dogs, I'm addicted to music - I listen to indie rock, indie pop, alternative, dark pop, sometimes even hard rock or pop punk. 

I'm glad I found this site :) Sorry for my grammar or vocabulary mistakes if I made any.

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