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Alterous attraction?

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Edited - I looked up alterous attraction when I was at work and realised it wasn't what I was experiencing, I just thought the name made it sound like it alternated between romantic/platonic attraction (whereas I alternate more between 'romantic/no real attraction, what the hell am I going to do?'). But if anyone can relate and would like to share their experiences/opinions, please do!

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I've only experienced alterous attraction once and it was kind of it's own category of attraction--neither purely romantic, nor purely platonic. It's violent, intense, and at least for me, impossible to contain within any relationship framework. I used to be "friends" with this girl--we were alterously attracted to each other--and we just had a really emotionally intense relationship, that seemed to defy any labels, platonic or romantic. We were close, but we weren't dating, we weren't queerplatonic friends--we weren't making an effort to be exclusive with each other in any way. We just let ourselves connect messily, without labels.


For me, alterous attraction is similar to queerplatonic attraction, except without the desire to be in a queerplatonic friendship with the person. 


Romantic/no real romantic attraction switching sounds like aroflux to me.

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