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Blatant Lie About the Person Above You


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21 hours ago, Blackscarlet666 said:

@QuirkyGeek knows that you must secretly be a furry to want what's under the bed


On 7/27/2017 at 11:36 AM, QuirkyGeek said:

@James knows the truth about what's really hidden under the bed, and will fight to the death to protect it.



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2 hours ago, Blackscarlet666 said:

@James loves being a furry and has always been a furry and forever will be a furry. he is the king of furries


*licks scrotum dismissively* 



Also, interesting suggestion from someone with a Pokémon for a profile picture, eh @Blackscarlet666?


I kid, of course. @Blackscarlet666 isn't really a furry. They're an actual Pokémon. A magikarp, to be exact.

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B and D both revolve around moving to Canada. C is moving to Australia. Plan A is knife-fighting.


@QuirkyGeek is interested in becoming a furry, but doesn't know where to begin. How much does a suit cost? What drawing program is best for self-portraits? What conventions should I go to?


That sort of thing.

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Following King James, the furries will find victory against the cult of Momo. Our old enemy, @Blackscarlet666, who displaced us from our homeland under the one true bed, is our enemy no more. Together we will end the barbaric Cult of Momo and make right the wrongs of the past.  I know this because @Blackscarlet666 was a mole, sending me information about the horrific proceedings of the cult from the inside.

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It shall be an honorable war. I shan't lead the kingdom of furries to villainy by encouraging guerilla warfare. We will die in a myriad of knife fights before we succumb to dishonor. 


@Blackscarlet666 gets their powers from a magical sword. When they hold it over their head and shout "By the power of gray skull, I have the power!" They summon the thundercats (traitors to the furry kingdom).

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