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The old asexual policy from 2005

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The asexuality is the most recently orientation & identity where someone doesn't experience sexual atraction or desires but existed the old asexual policy from 2005 whose policy was created by Jesús Dario Ríos Negrete this guy have created the asexual policy in that year in the 00s is hard to explain but the resources of health are more wrong and moreover mentiones the asexuality like a lack of desire or interest in the sexual activity today in day Jesús Dario never have got sex with anyone any with men and women he's virgen and is nomined so as asexual.


The sexual behaviour, the impotence sexual, the hypoactive desire are issues of health while the celibacy is a choice where the person really choice have or not have sex these resources already more adviced about the impotence and the lack of sexual activity and others thing aren't relationed with the asexuality is simple.


That one person is not interessed in have sex or looking to a person for have a sexual contact that person sees in if selfie than that sex drive is not there.


I know the people have sex they have sex because search a sexual contact with others example: the couple two people that don't feel interest or the sex drive to do it.


But many books of investigations concluded that the asexuality is a lack of desire more not sex drive, why Jesús Dario have sex drive why he masturbates offcourse like exists the Fetishism, kink, BDSM and the masturbation female or male is that the sex drive is not oriented the libido is the hungry.


Example: You imagine that you have hungry in the table of the dinneroom are you seein' two diskes one of soup of meat and the other one cake piece is there that we look ours sex drive our hungry would choice the two things or maybe the soup or the cake or simply none of the two diskes the soup would be delicious and the cake is very candy the acid of the soup and the candy of the cake piece, more okey the cake is a woman while the soup is the man if the person doesn't want drink the soup or eat cake but tast one of them possibly the sex drive have dissapeared so to simple.


Is hard talk of sexual atraction for the simple reason of that one person who doesn't experience sexual atraction is nomined asexual but really what's sexual atraction is for we give us count that:


"The sexual atraction is the desire to feel something sexual" the text of Wikipedia is not in a wrong is the society alonormative that see that the sexual atraction is a desire to have one meet with that person and have somethin' more (sexual contact) the person that doesn't find no sexual contact is without dude (asexual).


But for Jesús Dario is hard explain this he never explained how is feel sexual atraction never felt that.


Exists the masturbation many teenagers masturbates inclusives asexuals would arrive to masturbate but the masturbation is a biological reaction for part of the body and sexual genital is a biological process example: In a male erection when someone is horny (sexually aurosed) that person simple doesn't directs his/her sex drive.


In the Turcker's Interview with Jesús Dario in the KNBC's Channel this interview was hosted by Carlos Turcker and Jesús Dario have replyed that never have felt no sex drive to anothers to long of the interview can see one quote of Jesús Dario saying:




Is the quote mentioned by Jesús Dario duranting in the interview this and others where say does not engage in any sexual activity inconclusion for Jesús Dario his sex drive goesn't directes toward anyone.


Is simple that to explain this topic was edited in 2008.

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