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Are my Friends just not through puberty, or am I dumb?


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I (14m) am in a friend group (ca 6 boys)at school, which doesnt seem to developed quite as much as other friend groups around me. While all the other friend groups all have crushes and often even relationships or wanting to have these relationships, my friend group doesnt seem to have reached this point yet. I have to mention, that we are all 14/13 yr old, but shouldnt these sexual/romantic feelings start there? I mean, we make sexual jokes all the time, but even I, an AroAce, can make those. But non of them seem to have romantic intrests and only 2 of them sexual intrests. 

What I am wondering is, if they are just not developed enough in puberty, or if they are just not showing their feelings (we dont really ever talk about very personal things, we just keep to ourselves most of the time), or am I missing their signs of them having feelings, or maybe there are even some Aces/Aros among them? 

This might be too little info for a concise  answer, but i just want to clear up why there is this gap between us and all the other friend groups. What are your thoughts on this?

On anothor note, I cant really complain that my friend group is so innocent as it is, because it makes it easier for me as an aroace to blend in, since coming out at my age is quite annoying.

I might make an update post once the friend group does develop.

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Why does it matter? People don't have to be interested in sex and romance just because they've hit some arbitrary number where society tells them to be interested in sex and romance.

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i hardly see a problem w that n idk what u mean. but as the user above said; not every1 automatically develops interest in romance n sex after they reached puberty. again; y does it matter to u?

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