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Where are you from?


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I'm from Germany.


We're mostly known for our history (WWI, WWII, Nazis...) but nowadays Germany's a great country. Most people are very accepting and open-minded. A weird thing Germans do is that we don't show any national pride (Nationalstolz) except for sports events. This is mainly because of our bad past with being proud of Germany (*cough* WWII *cough*). It also means that Americans are just plain weird to Germans.


Life as a German is fairly easy but also stressful. Easy because we're a pretty free country with good healthcare and schools and all that. Stressful because the most common German values include punctuality ("Fünf Minuten vor der Zeit, ist des Deutschen Pünktlichkeit"/Five minutes early is a Germans punctuality), order and fast quality work.


Something you should know is that not all Germans wear Lederhosen. That's just the south. As a person living in the north of Germany, I've almost never seen anybody wearing them. Most German stereotypes are about Bavarians. Still, most Germans like to drink, eat sausage and potatoes and drive faster than 130 km/h on the Autobahn (the German highway).

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Netherlands, in a large-ish town near Amsterdam.

Most people think Amsterdam = Netherlands = weed, but that's wrong. It's only Amsterdam = weed 😉. Not a lot of Dutchies smoke weed, it's more a tourist thing. As are the clogs. Cheese is definitely a Dutch thing though, we make great cheeses.

Almost everybody speaks enough English to have a normal conversation, and everybody thinks they speak better English than they actually do.

I love how my country was the first in the world to legalize same-sex marriage, and we're known for our tolerant views on a lot of things. Some of those views are only skin-deep though.

Dutch people tend to be really, really, REALLY direct, to the point of rudeness. At least that's how others see us. We see it as just being concise and clear, what more do you want? You can beat around the bush in your own time 😎.

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I'm originally from Texas!

It is a big place. I grew up on a farm in the flat mostly-empty part in the northwestern end of the state (as in "flat enough you can see thunderstorms from almost a hundred miles away"). 78 miles to the nearest actual "big city" (Lubbock, slightly more than that to Amarillo) and 15 to the nearest "town"... so pretty much the middle of nowhere? It's the part of Texas where a lot of the big ranches were back in the day, and there weren't enough people in the county for it to even be considered "rural" (In my childhood geography textbook, there was a map with all the counties color coded so you could see whether they were "urban" or "rural" or whatever... and the one I lived in was genuinely listed as "frontier". And the population has decreased considerably since I lived there...)

[and yes, I do introduce myself as being "from Texas" rather than "American" most of the time. 🤠]

And then I lived in the UK for the last three years, which was lovely.

And now I'm back in the USA in Tennessee, which is where my mother's family was from to begin with (although I'm on the other end of the state from them at the moment)

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On 3/5/2020 at 10:08 AM, Morgenfluss said:

Most German stereotypes are about Bavarians. Still, most Germans like to drink, eat sausage and potatoes and drive faster than 130 km/h on the Autobahn (the German highway).

Another German here, though the only stereotype of those that fits me is that I like to eat potatoes 😄

As you said culture is very different in all parts of the country. I live in the centre close to Frankfurt. What I like about that is that it is very convenient location to travel all over Germany and Europe.

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If you think Washington is too rainy, try Ketchikan where it rains every day.  If you think the American South is conservative, Alaskans actually elect nutjobs like Sarah Palin & Wally Hickel.  

I was born in Ketchikan, Alaska; raised in The Kenai National Moose Range & later Aumsville, Oregon; I'm now in Salem, Oregon.  I have pictures of these places on my profile page under "about me."

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I’m from the Midwest, USA. Yes, there’s a lot of corn. I live on my family’s farm somewhat in the middle of nowhere. While it might not have the best landscapes in the USA, there are beautiful forests, prairies, and creeks around. We definitely have problems but, I’m happy to live here. 

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I’m from Poland. There’s a stereotype saying Polish people are drinking a lot of alcohol, especially vodka. I personally don’t like alcohol in any type. Other stereotype is Poland being full of people who tolerate diversity. The fact is many people here are xenophobic, rasist and queerphobic. I think a part of you already heard what is happening since last year. I’m living in a small city and I was working in a shop where one black woman was frequently doing shopping with her daughter and every time she entered I was worried about them or something like this.

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I'm from Arizona in the US, but I'd love to live somewhere with more rain. Temporarily, of course, I could never truly abandon AZ, monsoon season is too beautiful.  

And the sunsets! *chefs kiss*

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