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Do you prefer hot or cold temperature?

Do you prefer cold or hot temperatures?  

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1 hour ago, Jade said:

It's, like, 85% humidity today. I'm melting no matter what the "actual temperature" outside is.

Is it even possible to breath in such a temperature?!! :gasp:

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I defenitely prefer the cold. I can't deal with heat, it's just way too hot~

And I even say that I'm hot when I walk outside in winter with about -10C (That's the coldest it gets here), that's also the reason why I don't own a winte jacket :3

Even it you get cold in cold weather, you can easily dress warmer, but you can't really dress cooler....

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On 7/24/2016 at 5:45 PM, Zemaddog said:

Hold on, hold on. 25°C is hot? 40°C is hot. I wear jeans and a long sleeve top at 25°C and you're calling it hot? I prefer 30°C at least, though I don't really like much more than 35°C.


I absolutely hate the cold. My feet go numb and my hands feel like they are going to fall off. If it's less than 20°C my hands go purple. If it's less than 15°C my hands of purple with orange spots. I have to wear 4 layers if it's less than 15°C. And my hands still freeze.

at 20 i'm in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops and i'm comfortable, at 25 i'm uncomfortable and lethargic but will still go to the beach as long as i don't have to be out of the water for too long, at 30 i'm in my shaded but not air-conditioned cottage/yard, lying down with a cold cloth on my face and a cold drink.  i'll sleep with only a sheet, the cloth, and difficulty.  if i have to go outside, i will complain and bring lots of sunscreen and water.  i once made the mistake of travelling to barcelona in june.  to be fair, school doesn't give me much of a window.  i'm not sure i've ever experienced 40.


at 15 i'm comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, at 10 i'll add a sweater or light jacket, around 5 or 0 i'll switch it for my winter coat, and in the negatives i'll add a sweater, hat, mittens, and boots and still go for a walk, skate, or ski.  i might complain at -10 or -15, and prefer to be inside with a fire and tea.  it rarely reaches -20.


On 7/25/2016 at 8:16 PM, Ugh... said:

It's the same for me in Quebec, but with cold temperatures. A humid -5C makes me want to die compared to a dry -30C (if you forget about frostbites of course).

i'd take the -5, i've never experienced -30.  quebec's nice btw.  good skiing, unlike ontario. 


winter is my favourite season so it's usually between 5 and -15 but it's easier not to wear outerwear so like 10 to 20.  i picked 15 and less.


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I prefer hot temperatures.

3 hours ago, aro_elise said:

i'm not sure i've ever experienced 40.

I indeed experienced 40 °C once. During one exceptionally hot summer (very unusual in central Europe). I didn't feel uncomfortable, but in many trains the air conditioners were defect, and that was too much. I don't know what temperature it was in the train, but it felt like death valley. O.o

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I'd prefer to be in the cool temp category. 59 degrees F isn't that cold. As long as I have the right attire, I'm ok within the 35F to 80F range. It's too much for me otherwise. Sadly, our winters and summers are getting more extreme here. Last summer, it hovered in the mid-90's and occasionally broke into the low 100's. Add smog to that and it's oppressive. It's gone down into the teens for winter. These are definitely not our 'norms'. It's unbearable for me. 

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