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Being aroallo and raised as a boy

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I'm feeling like it is harder to navigate being aroallo and mostly sexually interested in women because of the way I was raised as and am still often assumed to be the gender that it is seen as socially normal for members of to see women more as sexual objects than their equals. I have the desire to connect sexually with women but also relate better to them than to men as human beings and as friends and that makes it harder to try to connect with them in the way that is stereotyped to be the only way men care about because I don't want to be perceived as like that stereotype about men.

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That's good. How separate is platonic and sexual attraction for you? I know for some people it's very divided and they would not be sexually attracted to someone they have a strong friendships with. For others friendship is necessary in order for the sex to be fulfilling.

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I would be open to having a FWB but none of the people I'm currently friends with seem available for that, my best friend is like only occasionally attracted to anyone and some others are in relationships. I have been talking to one person online from another state who seemed like a potential FWB but I'm not sure at this point when that could develop, partly because she lives in a red state and doesn't feel comfortable taking risks at this time with the upcoming Supreme Court decision.

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