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Corrupt a Wish

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Democracy does not get in the way. Individual thought does not get in our way. Nothing gets in our way. We are one mind. We are Borg. You will be assimilated. Your technology will be ours and add to o

The @Momo population, no longer limited by disease, explodes (by mitosis, I guess). Australia is overrun by Momos. With their disease resistance giving them a marked evolutionary advantage, Momos soon

Your day is 48 hours, but this is because the first 24 hours of it repeat.  Congratulations you ruined the spacetime continuum   I wish donuts were healthy 

Don't worry! Donald Trump's got you covered ;). He'll put your money to a good cause; like building a giant wall.


I wish more people came on the discord server.

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One of the flies that touched your skin was the carrier of a new deadly virus... you succumb after contaminating all of your friends.


I wish people would stop getting offended that easily.


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You arrive home, but you discover that while you were away, a stranger took your place, your name, and everyone is convinced that he is you. Your friends now think that you are a mentally ill homeless guy and call the police.


I wish I was better at cooking.

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This wish is processed by a French genie who doesn't know that barbe-a-papa is candy floss and instead gives you a father's beard whenever you want.


I wish I could Shazam every song that pops into my head especially when it has no words and I don't know the name.

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No, no you can't. So shut up (and your lips are sealed forever there's the corruption)


Sorry, I meant to say:

You can wish for it but you don't get it and as consequence your mouth is removed from your face!



I wish for all the pavements in my city to be at least 2 metres wide

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