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Common Misconceptions About Aros

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@Aimee03 the girl who said it is a good friend of mine. And the fun side is she probably only said it bc I am very caring around her and our friendship bc she and the friendship are so important to me and she has some problems and I want to keep our friendship on and to have a nice time and just to be there for her whenever she needs me...

and I think I wouldn’t put even half of the effort in our friendship when I wasn’t aromantic xD

So just me being aromantic leads to her assumption that I would be a “caring girlfriend” (I don’t even think I would be lol bc having someone around me most of the time makes me very mad)

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You had a crush on someone, though! (As lots of aros make up crushes or were just simply confusing them with squishes like me) But you watched a rom com the other day/romantic book etc.

What questions or misconceptions about the aro spec do you hear? This may be useful for future FAQ sections on flyers, websites and such.   Does that mean you don't love anyone, not even yo

Maybe you have commitment issues?  Perhaps your standards are too high, just give people a chance!

Recently, one of my friends was talking about a crush they thought they had (turns out it wasn’t a crush and they just wanted to be friends with her). They said something like “idk man I just really like her” and I responded “bro same I love her so much” because I’ve known her for like six years, she’s one of my closest friends I do love her more than she could know. They met her this year, they said “yea but it’s different”. I had recently come out as arospec to them and ouch that felt super dismissive and hurt a lot more than I thought it would, like the way I feel for her was somehow less? Like yes it’s different but that doesn’t mean you like her more? Not that it’s a competition but it’s stuck with me a bit and I’m just Not A Fan. 

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