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Aromantic everything

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There are much talk about aromantic food and aromantic mascot. But there are so many other types of thing we could have as symbol. Like flower, clothing, fish etc. (In my country each county has its county fish).

So pick any category and determine which thing is ours.
For example for sport it's off course archery.



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as for flowers, i think daffodils would be a nice symbol, representing new beginnings (i've also heard that they represent awareness and inner reflection), along with the fact that they tend to be yellow in color, though i think yellow roses are a beautiful symbol too 🙇‍♀️

30 minutes ago, Ace said:

We all know about the aro ring and how we for some reaason like green but what are some other like icons about aromantics 

i suppose ice cream counts as an icon of sorts? i've seen in it in some welcoming messages (i'm assuming it's kind of like the aro equivalent of cake) and i remember someone on tumblr mentioning gryphons as an aro symbol too.

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I reckon the all you can eat buffet should be ours. The least romantic form of meal out.

Also I want an aromantic mythical creature so I'm recommending the water leaper (Llamhigyn Y Dwr) because its a giant frog with wings and we already own the frogs



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