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Challenging amatonormativity guide

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Hey all! So I've been working on a challenging amatonormativity guide and it is done, wooo. I'm posting this here because it is aimed at alloromantic folks (although could be useful for aros dealing with internalized amatonormativity). I'm hoping that allies that will use this guide in order to not only be better allies to aros, but to also actively challenge their own amatonormative standards. 

Feel free to share it, especially with people in your life who could benefit from learning about amatonormativity. And if there is anyone on the forums who consider themselves an ally to aros, please consider engaging with this material and spreading it in your circles. Challenging amatonormativity is not the responsibility of the aro community alone!


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39 minutes ago, vinniebandit said:

This is nice. If it's OK with you, I'll attempt a French translation.

Thank you, that would be fantastic! I'm starting translator recruitments next week and will set up a folder sometime tomorrow. I'll send you the link once it's up. 

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