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Does anyone else use shipping to cope with not experiencing attraction?

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Honestly, in real life i’m quite romantically and sexually repulsed. But online I really enjoy reading fanfic and erotica. Is this unusual? Sometimes it seems like I use it to cope with not having any interest in real relationships.

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A lot of what I read and enjoy is about characters experiencing things I would never, ever want to experience in real life, and that is in fact an incredibly common way to enjoy fiction. For me sometimes that includes characters who are deep in romantic love - and sometimes it involves vicariously experiencing other powerful emotions like hatred, joy, fear... anything, really.

So no, you're not unusual, and there's nothing at all wrong with enjoying things in fiction that you're repulsed by in real life :)

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If it adds something o the story, yes. Writing shipfic just because there was nothing of those two together baffles me, but some people like it. Mostly I ship characters for the comedic potential, though.

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