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Anyone else feeling lonely but on a platonic level?

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I mean, I don't even understand relationships and even less the concept of romance at all. 

But anyone else feeling lonely on a platonic level? 

I don't have much friends and I never feel like I can talk to the few I have. Moreover, I'm shit at making new friends and especially forming lasting friendships (mostly because I'm a social and emotional disaster who tends to push people away as soon as I get emotionally attached to them). 

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Absolutely, i'm incredibly grateful for my friends but i'm so bad at maintaining friendships and we're all finishing school next year:(( Just kinda sucks bc I have difficulty approaching people I want to talk to and will probably lose my existing friends rip

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Yeah, that's me. Never had any friendships past the casual level. Got used to being alone - mostly.

Companionship and emotional support would be nice, but I don't know how to offer those myself, so how can I ask others to?

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